City Meetings

402 Ave D Conditional Use Hearing

TIME CHANGE to 1:30 pm, Wed, Feb. 26

Snohomish Fire District
Harvey Auditorium
1525 Avenue D

Conditional Use Talking Points

The following are unacceptable impacts on the neighborhood:

• Shortage of parking for a building supporting up to 37 people

• Reduction of surrounding property values due to location of a large commercial scale facility


• The state standard for Adult Assisted housing in residential areas is six persons per single residence

• Adjacent properties will be subject to light and noise pollution from the alley access parking lots and increased street parking

• Increased frequency of emergency and service vehicles visits

• The building is too large for a residential setting

A Year Later:

Former Snohomish Apodment Group Fighting

Extreme Density Issues Again

Community Is Forced To Mobilize Because of Bureaucracy

January 22, 2014, Snohomish WA –

Your Snohomish a local resident-led preservation and land use planning group, announced today that they will resist a new attempt by a Seattle developer to push through final approval for a high-density building project right in the middle of one of the town's treasured single-family zoned neighborhoods.

Your Snohomish intends to quickly mobilize the surrounding community and halt this second attempt to remodel a building and convert it to a busy high-occupancy assisted care facility

The developer, Chris Koh, dba CD Trust, just recently completed a Conditional Use Permit application with the City of Snohomish -- December 23, 2013 -- to establish a 25-bed senior assisted living facility that may also accommodate a 12-person staff at this 402 Avenue E, Snohomish address.

This a yet another attempt by Koh, who lost his fight last year to build a proposed ultra-high density big-city-style apodment complex housing up to 27 persons at the same 402 Avenue E location.

Koh's current proposal i scheduled for a public hearing, on February 26th, by the city's Hearing Examiner.

On April 16, 2013 the Snohomish City Council voted 6-0 against Koh's proposal to allow an ultra-high density large footprint apodment-style complex in a single-family zoned neighborhood. Their decision against the apodments came on the heels of a very aggressive campaign wherein over 800 names were gathered on a petition against ultra-high density housing. Over 150 neighbors flooded the Snohomish City Council Meeting in opposition of the proposed concept in order to maintain the city's character and charm. (See May 1, 2013 Minutes for testimonies starting on page 2,

"As a result, we immediately began efforts to help our City Council and Planning Commission better define the meaning and verbiage used in the Conditional Use Permits and to limit any possibility of misinterpretation of the CUP's intent. We worked in tandem with our Planning Commission at the request of our City Council to firm up ordinance verbiage," commented Mitch Cornelison.

"A single family neighborhood assisted living situation is one in which five or six unrelated persons live in a residence with no more than two caregivers and that residence blends inconspicuously with the surrounding community because it is in scale and style with the community, and it

places no negative architectural, added light, noise, traffic or parking burdens on the neighborhood. Effectively, it blends in and has no detrimental impact on residential values, especially on the many beautiful historic and vintage homes," said Carole Barns.

"The October 16, 2013 Planning Commission meeting was a non-voting discussion-only meeting to continue a Group Quarters code amendment vetting process at which both residents and the four commissioners present sat together at the table and found themselves largely in agreement. We then scheduled to meet again in November 2013 to approve the final ordinance verbiage, but the Planning Commission has not met in over three months," observed Mitch Cornelison.

The issue with this latest request is not usage, as a mix of senior assisted living is desirable and necessary in all communities. The objection is the extreme density being artificially introduced into a single family zone. Washington State Guidelines and many Washington cities specify up to six seniors per single family home, and this creates a unique choice in comparison to the commercial scale facilities allowed in other zones.

The next step is to encourage the surrounding community to write letters or email Duane Dvorak, Senior Planner , (Phone: 360-282-3165) and ask him to give all correspondence directly to the Hearing Examiner.

The community should express concern over the impact of Mr. Koh's proposal at 402 Ave. E, Snohomish WA and then attend the Public Hearing RE: CD Trust CUP presently scheduled on Wednesday, February 26th, 2014 at the Snohomish Fire District, Harvey Auditorium, 1525 Avenue D during the day at 1:30 pm.

For more information go to and /or contact: Mitch Cornelison , Phone: 425-306-0370, ; or Carole Barns , Phone: 206-351-6115, or Karen DeYoung , Phone: 360-563-9056.

*'s mission is to promote, educate and participate in community actions that foster and sustain the quality of life and small town character of Snohomish. will now be addressing ongoing issues associated with ordinances and zoning that impact residential values, the character and charm of neighborhoods, zoning density increases in the Residential and Historic Business District and federal designation as Historical etc.

Notice of Conditional Use Application 402 Ave E


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